At Southcoast Partners, we meet the needs of clients in the commercial real estate industry by adhering to two basic principles:

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There are certain standards of performance, quality and ethics our clients deserve and that are inherent in all searches. These standards are incorporated into every assignment with no exception.

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Each search has unique characteristics and each client has his/her own set of priorities, all of which must be recognized, acknowledged and addressed in order to successfully complete the search.

Combining the veracity of a proven process with the flexibility to adapt to change

While every search deserves the same commitment to high standards of integrity and service, each assignment is unique, which requires flexibility in its approach. With that in mind, we strive to tailor the process to the specific needs of the client and the position, while maintaining objectivity and accuracy.


We develop a formal summary that includes company background; scope, duties and responsibilities of the position; required experience, background and ideal hiring profile; and compensation components and ranges.


We conduct our recruiting efforts on a confidential basis, only divulging our client’s name when appropriate. Our source lists include individuals within our existing network as well as those in similar positions at likely target companies.


Time is critical and responsiveness is paramount; therefore, we present relevant candidates as they are identified and continue to do so until a viable field of candidates has been developed.


Consistent and constructive communication is vital throughout the search process. Our periodic reports keep you abreast of pertinent issues and include dates of actions and decisions for each candidate.


We allow clients to focus on what matters by handling the scheduling and coordination of candidate visits, including briefings and debriefings. We also verify degrees, certifications and licenses and conduct reference checks when appropriate.


For more than 25 years, the success of Southcoast Partners has been defined by the strength of our partnerships. We remain involved with our clients and candidates during selection and negotiation, through acceptance and placement, and beyond.