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Job ID#: SCP001195
Position: Division Manager - Luxury Multifamily
Region: Dallas

Job ID#: SCP001194
Position: SENIOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - Luxury Multifamily
Region: Phoenix, AZ

Job ID#: SCP001193
Position: Area Manager
Region: Houston/Corpus Christi, TX

Job ID#: SCP001192
Position: Project Manager
Region: Dallas, TX

Job ID#: SCP001191
Position: Client Advisor
Region: Houston, TX

Job ID#: SCP001190
Region: South Florida

Job ID#: SCP001189
Position: Regional Director of Maintenance
Region: Dallas, TX

Job ID#: SCP001188
Position: Project Manager - Capital Projects/Rehabs
Region: St. Louis, MO

Job ID#: SCP001186
Position: Project Manager - Multifamily construction
Region: Dallas, TX

Job ID#: SCP001184
Position: Community Manager
Region: Galveston, TX

Job ID#: SCP001183
Position: DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - Luxury M/F-Mixed Use develope's opening a new region
Region: Phoenix, AZ

Job ID#: SCP001179
Position: Land Acquisitions Specialist
Region: Southeast Florida

Job ID#: SCP001178
Position: Regional Manager - Multifamily
Region: Houston, TX

Job ID#: SCP001176
Position: Estimator PreConstruction Mgr
Region: Dallas, TX

Job ID#: SCP001175
Position: Sr. Project Manager - Regional Construction Mgr
Region: Phoenix, AZ

Job ID#: SCP001152
Position: Preconstruction Manager
Region: North Dallas, TX



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