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In recruiting for a wide range of firms, we've realized two basic principles of recruiting:

  1. There are certain standards of performance, quality, and ethics our clients deserve which are inherent in all searches, and therefore can be incorporated into every assignment.

  2. Each search has unique characteristics and each client has its own priorities, all of which must be recognized, acknowledged and addressed in order to successfully complete the search.

From this realization we've developed standard search procedures to address the constants in every search but which also offer the flexibility for our client to tailor the search to the specific requirements of the position in question.

Our search process may include:

  1. Development of a formal position summary, including: company background; scope, duties and responsibilities of the position; required experience, background, and ideal hiring profile; and compensation components and ranges.

  2. Upon completion of the position summary, we'll initiate a full range of recruiting efforts, conducted on a blind basis (our client's name will not be divulged until appropriate). Our source lists will include individuals within our existing network as well as those in similar positions at likely target companies.

  3. Introduction of nominees to you will occur as they are identified and will continue until we are all satisfied that a viable field of potential candidates has been developed.

  4. Periodic search status reports will include dates of action/decision for each candidate.

  5. We'll schedule and coordinate candidate visits to our client, including briefings and debriefings. We verify degrees and professional certifications and licenses and will conduct reference checks when appropriate.
  6. Our involvement will continue through offer structure, extension, negotiation, acceptance, and resignation.

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