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Partners Program

Why not have the best of both worlds? Combine your employment advertising with our Partners Program to get qualified candidates in front of you more efficiently than ever before, while saving you time and money.

Let the experts take the hassle of screening resumes off your hands.  Our job is to talk to real estate professionals across the country.  It’s what we do all day, every day, and we’ve done it for the past 16 years.  We know what questions to ask and how to read between the lines.  Now you can capitalize on our expertise for a fraction of the cost of our traditional services.

Partners Program steps in after you have run your own print and/or internet ads.  You simply arrange for us to have access to the resumes and we will:

  • Sort the resumes and determine if a candidate is highly qualified, minimally qualified or not qualified, based on the specs stated in the ad and any additional information you provide us.

  • Speak with highly qualified candidates and screen for salary history and expectations, motivation for making a change of employment, relocation issues if applicable and anything else you deem important.  In many cases, we will already know the candidate.  Information will be supplied on a one page info sheet attached to each resume.

  • Verify Bachelor and Master’s degrees and professional certifications of candidates we consider to be highly qualified.

  • Conduct reference checks on as many as 3 candidates selected for interviews.

Finally, the fact is that advertising rarely attracts passive candidates.  The best person for the job may very well be employed and totally unaware of the opportunity offered by your company.  In the event that your advertising does not result in a hire and you decide to have us conduct a new search, we will apply the Partners Program fee to our full-service search fee.  In addition, full-service fees will be reduced for Partners Program clients.

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